WUNDERHAUS | A family membership club to relax and recharge.
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A family membership club to relax and recharge, in the heart of Berlin Prenzlauer Berg.

Wunderhaus is a haven for modern parents, a stylish oasis for the whole family, that is both peaceful and visually inspiring.




Discover Our


Socialize in our lounge, enjoy fresh wholesome food in our cafe, take a yoga class, relax while you get a manicure, or have a moment to go on your computer – without interruptions. All the while, your children will be looked after in our whimsical and eco-friendly drop-off playspace, allowing you to take time for yourself.





Classes trending this month

Scribbles & Giggles Art

Tuesdays. 15:00 – 15:45

12 – 18 months

A perfect Mom and Mini class. This class is designed to inspire and nurture your child’s creativity through sensory play! Please come dressed for messy art.

Postnatal Pilates

Wednesdays. 10:30 – 11:30

A rejuvenative yet energizing gentle class adapted to the postnatal mothers, that emphasizes stability, flexibility and vitality. We will work on strengthening the pelvic floor, realigning the back, and get you in shape in a safe and effective way. Post Natal Pilates quickens postpartum recovery and strengthens the body and mind for the new demands of motherhood.

Toddlers and Tutus Ballet

Mondays. 17:00 – 17:45

4,5 – 6 years

Children are introduced to the beginnings of ballet in a creative and enriching environment. Classes focus on basic concepts of movement, developing strength, flexibility and the joy of dance.

Music with Johnny

Tuesdays. 15:30 – 16:15

1 – 2 years

Johnny Wise

“My classes build a foundation in music and English with no previous knowledge required. This is done through melodies, rhythm, dancing, playing percussion instruments and lots of movement! To all you parents, the classes are also a bit of a workout for you but the classes remain light and fun and all will come out ready to sing and dance in the street.”

Musical Theatre II

Wednesdays. 16:30 – 17:15

5 – 7 years

Sign your little one up for a free trial Musical Theatre class with the Lion King theme!

Wunder Chefs

Thursdays. 16:30 – 17:15

4 – 6 years

Join our wunder chefs class for an interactive experience exploring dishes from around the world. Our wunder chefs will gain confidence in the kitchen learn geography and international cultures. Counting and measuring ingredients allows math to become a natural part of every lesson. Children will set the table and eat the meal they have prepared and also have the option to take some home.

Independent Participation

Note: Please remember to book the class at least 2 days in advance as the ingredients need to be ordered in advance.

Also please bring a container for the food.



Explore the benefits of our different memberships and find the one that best suits your lifestyle

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