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Wunderhaus is perfect for first birthdays to fortieth birthdays. Our friendly staff will do everything to accommodate your needs. Our Wundersitters are fun and friendly and will entertain your children while you relax and enjoy the celebration.

Upcoming Events

more events coming soon…

Upcoming Events

Wunderhaus Winter Flea Market: we are having a winter flea market, there will be clothes for moms, babies and children.

Saturday November 23rd 10:00 – 17:00

Adventskranz Workshop: Join us for Adventskraz Workshop, Alice from Botanique Berlin will offer a demonstration and assist on the technique of creating a holiday inspired wreath. Everyone will construct an Adventskranz out of winter foliage. The materials will be natural organic and dried, with orange slices, eucalyptus and holly. All Materials Provided.

Thursday November 28th 10:00 – 11:00

Book Reading: Sadly The Owl “The Saddest Party Ever: Wunderhaus invites you to learn and speak about the flip side of happiness. Join us for the live reading of “Sadly the Owl” written and read by Wunder Mom and children’s book author Linnie von Sky. Eurico will take us on an emotional musical journey with his cello, while Linnie shares insight into her own story with depression and sadness. We look forward to a beautiful moment of story time, music, connection and conversation. The event will take place in English and is suited for Mamas, Papas, Babies, Toddlers and Children of all ages.”

Friday November 29th 16:30


Children parties or adults parties with childcare

Request more info and a package.


Brand or corporate events

Request more info and a package.

Speaking sponsoring opportunities

Interested in sponsoring
 or speaking at an event?

It’s often the members of our own community who come up with exciting new event ideas. Do you have a power skill you feel other parents could benefit from and want to host a session about it? Do you have a business idea and want to pitch it to other families? Would you like to be the host of a sponsored event? Then let’s talk!

Past events