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Member Rules and Regulations

At Wunderhaus our team works hard to keep our space healthy and safe. We are dedicated to doing our part to keep the facility exceptionally clean and orderly for our families.
Our playroom facility is designed for children 4 years and under. Please understand that newborns have to be at least 4 months old to stay there. If the playroom is very busy we kindly ask you to stay with your baby (4-6 months) in there.
The facility is deep cleaned once a week and cleaned consistently throughout the day.
Socks ONLY are required in the playspace for adults and children.
Mouthed toys are placed in a special bin marked “mouthed toys” and not left on the playroom floor for another child to use.
(Toys are cleaned at least once per day.)
Please respect the equipment, the toys, and others.
Parents/guardians agree that they shall remain on the premises at all times that their children are present.
We follow the school’s sick child policy and ask that our children allow the time and space to recuperate at home.
We know how hard it is to be a parent and we respect different parenting techniques and believe in the practice of tolerance.
All food and drink consumption is limited to the café area or event room.
No outside food only for babies 0- 11/2 years

Member Calendar

Our monthly calendar highlights activities and events happening at Wunderhaus. Member Events will be marked “Members” on the calendar. We accept RSVPs for events/activities a week at a time. Please do not RSVP for events/activities more than one week in advance unless specified.

Membership Cancellation/Changes

All membership levels auto-renew each month. Billing day is the contract date. We request 14 days notice (in writing) prior to the next billing day to cancel or make changes to your account.  

First Time Guest Passes

As a member, you are offered two guest passes per month according to your membership tier. Feel free to invite family/friends/colleagues that have never been to Wunderhaus before. 
Note: Please let us know at least one day in advance to reserve a guest pass (This is very important!!)   
  • Please plan on remaining in Wunderhaus for the duration of your guest’s visit.
  • If your guests would like to return on their own or with you again, they may purchase a Family Pass. Click here for info.
  • Please limit guest passes to (1) family per day during our peak hours of 3-6pm.
Please let us know if you have any questions.  
Thank you and see you at Wunderhaus!